Choreographed by : Kickick Line Dance - Nicky Tan (June ’12)
Music                      : Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye
Descriptions    : 32 counts, 4 Wall, Higher Beginner

Dance starts after the first 40counts (at vocal)

Rocking Chair with ¼ L Turn, Toe Struts
1-4 Rock RF forward, Recover on LF, Turn ¼ L & Rock RF back, Recover on LF (9:00)
5-8 Touch R toe forward, Step RF in place, Touch L toe forward, Step LF in place

Point, Point, Coaster Step, Rock Recover, ½ L Turn Forward Shuffle
1,2 Point R toe forward, Point R toe to R side,
3&4 Step RF back, Step LF beside RF, Step RF forward
5,6 Rock LF forward, Recover on RF
7&8 Turn ½ L & Step LF forward, Step RF beside LF, Step LF forward (3:00)

Rock Recover, Step, Heel, Step, Heel, Hook x2
1,2 Rock RF forward, Recover on LF
&3&4& Step RF beside LF, Touch LF heel forward, Step LF beside RF, Touch RF heel forward, Hook RF over L knee
5,6 Repeat Step 1,2
&7&8& Repeat Step &3&4&

Rock Recover, Full Turn, Rock Recover, Kick Ball Touch
1,2 Rock RF forward, Recover on LF
3,4 Turn ½ R & Step RF forward, Turn ½ R & Step LF back (3:00)
5,6 Rock RF back, Recover on LF
7&8 Kick RF forward, Ball Step on RF, Step LF beside RF